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F&B (Flory & Bobby) met in Dubai in 2012 and have been a constant presence on the local music scenes ever since. Their passion for jazz and synergistic energy on stage makes communication happen beyond the spoken word.


Flory (Singer / Lyricist / Composer)


"Music is my energy, my power! I just close my eyes, open my soul and let it flow...I studied music in parallel with my general education and was only allowed to pursue my dreams if I had good grades in school. So it was always two schools and now two careers. I’ve always worn two hats and God, how lucky I am!!!" 

High powered performer and a charismatic entertainer with over 20 years of live performances and appearances on TV shows, radio broadcasts and open-air shows, Flory was the winner of the First Award at the most acclaimed Romanian Music & Performance contest (Mamaia Music Festival), with a live audience of more than 3,000 people. The show is broadcasted every year on all national TV channels. 

She captivates the crowd and engages the audience, engulfing them in her passion. Her natural charm, talent and flawless stage presence draw the audience into her performance. 


​On stage, she can easily go from one extreme to another: husky and teasing, soft and mellow, strong and dominant are just a few of her many ways of expressing passion. ​

Bobby ​(Singer / Pianist / Composer)


Bobby graduated National Music Academy-Sofia, Bulgaria and was an assistant professor of the world famous Milcho Leviev. He performed at a lot of jazz festivals all over Europe. Although he has a classical music education, jazz is the music that best speaks to him - it is vibrant and elegant just like himself :). 


Bobby was the Musical director and pianist of the original Claude J.Woods project, Earth Wind and Fire experience. Bobby has also been 'jammin it' with famous jazzmen such as the multi-Grammy Award winner George Benson, bassist Marcus Miller and jazz drummer Billy Cobham.


2011 brought him to Dubai, after spending 3 good years in London. Not long after, he bumped into Flory and this is when their musical adventure started!


Apart from the "9-6 daytime job", hey both perform at various corporate events and have successful collaborations with top notch hotels across the UAE, including but not limited to: Burj Al Arab, Emirates Palace, Armani, Zaabel Seray, Jumeirah International and Jebel Ali International, The Address, Kempinski, Radisson Blu, Novotel, Ibis, Rotana, Grosvenor House, Shangri-La, Marriott Marquis and various hotels in Downtown Dubai.

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